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What is New Venture Strategy?

According to a recent study by Bloomberg, 8 out 10 start-ups fail within the first 18 months.

While there are many reasons a venture can break down, one of the most significant issues is poor planning or the failure to have a solid and well-defined strategic plan to help you define your idea, formulate solid goals and objectives and articulate how you are going to reach them.

A firm is said to have a competitive advantage over its rivals if it has driven a wide wedge between the   willingness to pay it generates among buyers and the cost it incurs. This wedge should be wider than its competitors have achieved. To create an advantage, a firm must configure itself to do something unique and valuable. Companies that generate competitive advantage typically do so by devising strategies that:

1. Neutralize the unattractive features of their industry, and

2. Exploit attractive features of their industry.

What do we offer in New Venture Strategy?

At Rao Strategic Solutions, we can help you to analyze your venture within the framework of the current market conditions and build a clear and comprehensive plan based on your present position and the resources you have at your disposal in order to determine how they will help to propel you ahead.

At Rao Strategic Solutions, we offer a wide-range of complementary New Venture Strategy services, broadly classified as:

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Business Plan Development



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Business Incorporation





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Let us work together and set the wheels in motion.

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