About us

Vision Statement:

To facilitate superior value and become the foremost management consulting and professional training firm.

Mission Statement:

To enhance continuous improvement in corporate performance of our clients by adding consistent value through our diverse intervention channels.

Our Mission:

Rao Strategic Solutions focus on processes of improving and empowering human capital by providing organizations with superior operation procedures and focused strategic direction for the future. We acknowledging human capital as the most valuable corporate asset, we help clients benefit from its fullest potential; By facilitating superior corporate performance, we help our clients achieve a truly sustainable competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Our corporate mission includes:

  • to better equip teams through training and certification schemes;
  • to facilitate dynamism and help in realizing untapped potentials;
  • to help develop a strong strategic orientation in all areas of corporate decision making;/li>
  • to enhance our client’s capacity to manage crisis and adapt to inadvertent changes; and
  • to facilitate compliance with all government regulations regarding corporate entities.

    Corporate Overview:

    Rao Strategic Solutions, a member of Rao Group Inc. USA, is a management consulting and professional training firm. The company is founded with a goal to help businesses and professionals gain a competitive edge by facilitating advanced skills in organizational strategy and management tactics.

    Since inception, we have worked with businesses across industry verticals to offer an expert guide that facilitates business growth and sustainability. We acknowledge the fact that areas of intervention do differ between organizations; therefore, we make preliminary assessments regarding organizational needs and focus on strengthening areas of weaknesses and enhancing existing areas of strengths to facilitate optimal productivity.

    Our professional personnel have over three decades of experience in the field of management consulting, strategic planning and professional training; with a track record of transforming organizations and individuals that are barely thriving to achieve sustainable success.

    We believe in creating a synergy through business alliances that empower Rao Strategic Solutions to offer training that leads to Certifications from world-class organizations of various industries. To this end, we offer training in the field of Business Analysis, Quality Analysis, Project Management and certifications such as CMP, PSP, PMI, ITIL, and Six Sigma. We stand by our clients all the way, training and mentoring them until sustainable success is achieved.


Our Solutions

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    IT- Information Technology Consulting

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